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Era Technologies is honored to be the leading company in the fieled of non-medical laboratories in Iraq, especially when it comes to petroleum laboratories, offering a wide range of analyzers for petroleum testing; we provide laboratory equipment, online systems, Turnkey lab and Mobile Lab, for Fuels, Oils and Gases. Due to the wide range our product line covers; Which includes all physical and chemical properties, with the latest technologies at well-known and approved ASTM, ISO, IP, JOAP etc.; we had the privilege of serving many sectors that depend on the high accuracy of the analysis and standardization laboratories in their work.

Innovative Solutions

Petroleum laboratories are constantly looking for innovative solutions to maximize their efficiency and accuracy. With the help of modern technology, they can now use automated systems to test samples, analyze data, and generate reports quickly and accurately.

Unsurpassed Quality

Petroleum laboratories are essential for ensuring the quality of petroleum products. With the use of advanced technology, supplied by Era Technologies, these laboratories can provide unsurpassed quality assurance in petroleum production. They can detect and analyze contaminants, measure the physical properties, and evaluate the chemical composition of oil products.